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Samsung A20 32GB Blue Very Good Refurbished


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Buy Samsung Galaxy A20 in NZ

Hey there, tech lovers! The “Samsung Galaxy A20” is a pocket-friendly but fashionably packaged gadget with superior advanced mobile phone usage features. The outstanding features that you can but rarely find in the other tech packed devices. Are you looking around to find a perfect place to buy this phone? Go no further than Wise Market NZ where you will find so much that will quench your tech thirst other than smartphones only. That notwithstanding, let us go into the peculiar features of this phone compared to other phones of the same class.

Stunning Display
Welcome to the stunning display on the Samsung Galaxy A20’s 6.4-inch super AMOLED infinity-v screen. Use vivid color, stark contrasts and great detail to create exciting content. The wide screen ensures an ideal binge-watching experience and social media scrolling without discomfort.

Dual Camera Excellence
The mighty Galaxy a20 will photograph your surrounding world. The ultra-wide angle uses the 5 megapixels to capture additional frames during a particular time. Shoot amazing landscape pictures or group shots with friends. The pictures that you have never taken before!

All-Day Battery Life
Are you having a bad day and do not want it to worsen? Worry not! The 4000 mAH power bank in the A20 Galaxy will ensure one is connected and on all day long. This Smartphone will be with you at morning meetings and late-night conversations. It is going to give you a never ending wait to put it on charge again.

Fast Charging Capability
Are you running low on battery? No problem. Because of this property, the Galaxy A20 would not take long to charge, and you could carry on with other things like running. Recharge your power battery quickly just before starting and remain continuously connected.

Smooth Performance
However, the A20 has a powerful Octa-Core processor and 3GB RAM that can process all everyday activities seamlessly. You can also play current games without lag and use different applications, making it run faster than other consoles.

Ample Storage
Space problems will never bother me. This has 32GB of memory space to store your pictures, videos and apps. Need more space? You can also expand your internal memory up to 512GB by using a microSD card slot.

Sleek Design
In this case, besides good performance, the Galaxy A20 is also beautiful. The 3D Glasstic design gives you a premium feel while adding stylishness to your appearance. This smartphone was designed to have a comfortable grip and trendy look and caught the market.

Face Recognition and Fingerprint Scanner
The most sophisticated security is the Galaxy A20. Unlocking is more straightforward now; you place the fingerprint scan or facial recognition. Ensure you guard your personal information and share it with everyone else.

One UI: seamless user experience
Smartphone navigation should be easy and enjoyable. One UI is added to Samsung’s Galaxy A20, which enhances its modern style and ease of use. It is unprecedented in terms of its Night Mode and simplified menu.


Q1: How big is the Galaxy A20’s display?
A: The phone is also significant, with a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED Infinity V display that offers vivid colors and an immersive look.

Q2: where is the camera placed on the Galaxy A20?
A: The 13MP primary camera produces high-resolution images, while the 5MP ultra-wide-angle lens takes more than one picture. Many photo settings make this the ideal camera.

Q3: What is the battery capacity?
A: Galaxy A20 has a 4000mAh battery, allowing users to extend talk time and web surfing.

Q4: Does the Samsung Galaxy A20 come with a fast charge?
A: Yes, indeed! In terms of fast charging, the Galaxy A20 will have an output of 15w; therefore, you should only be stranded around an electrical outlet for a short time.

Q5: What size of the memory is found in Galaxy A20?
A: This phone has 32GB of internal space to save applications, images and videos. Further, it has a microSD card slot that supports up to 512GB for those who want to expand their memory.

Q6: How many cores does Galaxy A20’s processor have, and how fast is it?
A: It is one of the best phones in the market, with an octa-core processor and 3GB RAM designed for heavy tasks, applications and gaming. For this reason, it never lets you down any way.

Q7: Does Galaxy A20 have a fingerprint scanner or face recognizer?
A: The Galaxy A20 has finger sensor and face recognition to enhance security. Make a selection that can easily and securely unlock your mobile phone.

Q8: What comprises the design features of the Galaxy A20?
A: This model, 3D Glasstic, incorporates both glass and plastic for durability and an attractive, shiny appearance. It is not only presentable but also comfortable.

Q9: Can one expand the memory of the Samsung Galaxy A20?
A: Absolutely! Samsung Galaxy A20 supports microSD cards with up to 512GB of storage capacity—more spare storage space for your additional apps, photos, and video clips library.

Q10: On which operating system does Galaxy A20 run?
A: The Galaxy A20 user interface on one UI is easily noticeable. It runs on an Android OS to offer a consistent user experience.



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