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MacBook Pro 2015 Silver Used Very Good


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MacBook Pro 2015 13.3″

The refurbished MacBook Pro 2015 13.3” comes in the classic Apple design that we’re all so familiar with. Say hello to the sleek aluminum finish; and small but mighty upgrades that make it a powerful machine.


Size: 13 Inch

Processor: 2.7Ghz Dual core Intel Core I5

Memory: 8Gb

Storage: 250GB SSD

Pressure Sensitivity We Need.

One of the biggest developments in the MacBook Pro 2015 13.3” is the pressure sensitive trackpad. With haptic touch recognition feedback technology, you’ll find your destination on the screen faster than you hear the ‘click’ sound.

Integrations That Actually Work.

Take calls through your computer, receive messages and discover a whole new world of music, design and creativity with the built-in array of applications

Performance Perks.

While the refurbished MacBook pro 2015 13.3” did not get a facelift compared to previous models, its performance goes above and beyond. It really is about the fifth generation Intel processors and new 6100 GPU that makes it an ideal choice for every lifestyle.

Brighten Up Those Long Days.

Equipped with retina display, the refurbished MacBook Pro 2015 13.3” will be your creative partner for tasks like video and image editing.




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