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iPhone 12 Pro 128GB Black Used Excellent


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Phone 12 Pro

The iPhone 12 Pro experience is a joy, with its stunning camera and video quality, 5G and turbocharged performance in a slimmer new design. This model is a giant leap forward from its predecessors.

Speedy and safe charging.

Like the other new iPhone 12 models, the iPhone 12 Pro uses MagSafe wireless charging instead of an in-box charger. Complementary accessories like iPhone cases, wallets, MagSafe chargers, etc. can be magnetically attached to the iPhone seamlessly and safely.

Powerful cameras.

The iPhone 12 Pro provides a telephoto lens for optical zoom and a new LiDAR scanner that accelerates autofocus and facilitates quality night mode portraits. Certainly worth the purchase for serious photographers.

A more durable exterior.

On its exterior, the iPhone is more robust with a 6.1-inch Ceramic Shield display and slimmer with a flat-edge design. The Ceramic Shield glass of the phone is rated with 4x better drop performance, and its stainless steel sides feel more solid and less slippery than its predecessors.

Bigger screen.

Look forward to a more interactive and immersive viewing experience than previous renditions because of the larger 6.1-inch panel and slimmer bezels of the phone.



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